Friday, August 7, 2009

Late night- can't sleep

Our Disney Photopass disc arrived today and here is one of the pictures. DH looks wonderful in all of them but that darn broken tooth had me doing all kinds of grimacing rather than smiling so I'm not overly thrilled with most of them for me.

I love the Disney Photopass program, although it has gotten very expensive. But I use their editing software before I order, so all our pictures are available to us both "plain" and with lots of Disney add-ons. We had about 100 pictures taken of us that week and I ended up with more than 350.

Here's one that's fun, even if it isn't particularly attractive:

I have to take DS for a "procedure" tomorrow, so I'll maybe getting some stitching or tatting done. Let's hope the waiting room is well lit and at least vaguely comfortable. I swear the people who design those places should be made to sit there for a day- they'd improve most of them pretty quick if they did!

I'm off to bed with another good book; I hope I can sleep tonight earlier than last night!


Etha said...

awww, the fairy picture is too cute!! Looks like you had a very good time there :) All the best to John, hope his 'procedure' goes quick and well.

Shirley said...

Love the pics and hope DS's surgery goes well.