Friday, July 3, 2009

What will you be stitching in September?

I just recently re-connected with a friend from many years ago. She was just starting out as a needlework designer back then. Her work has progressed from cute to pretty to SPECTACULAR!

In September she will be releasing a new chart, Fairy Garden Mandala, which you can see HERE.

I will not be doing the fairies because I am being SOOO good and sticking to my pledge to not start anything new until I finish at least one of my three SAL WIPs. When I *do* finish one of them, my next start will be her magnificent Hawaiian Mandala, which you can see HERE.

For anyone interested in seeing her whole line, check out Chatelaine Designs.

And, even though I am being very good about what I am actually starting, you can be sure I have been doing a LOT of stash building- I am collecting Martina's charts with a new one every few weeks. Her designs are truly stunning!

Time to get back to getting organized for the trip to the shore on Sunday.


Etha said...

ok I guess now we are even with enabling ;)

Suzanne said...

WOW! As a quilter and a cross stitcher I have to say her work is OUTSTANDING! Thanks for sharing this sight. I downloaded a free chart to try!

Denise said...

Oh my goodness...two of my favorite things...faries and mandalas...but I don't cross stitch...tried a few years back...made a mess...gave up:) I still have a couple of fairy charts here somewhere though:)
Dancingly denise