Friday, July 17, 2009

Well, that was interesting- NOT!

It appears that I picked up a 24 hour bug somewhere along the line. Started feeling not so great Wednesday afternoon, slept fitfully and only intermittently Wednesday night, took some meds Thursday morning and went back to bed and slept until 3PM yesterday. Woke up feeling better but with that washed- out, getting over an illness lethargy.

So, no pictures of anything. The only thing I did Wednesday evening was some length on the tatting- it's almost time to turn to the other side. Yesterday's lethargy reduced me to TV and some little reading- more on that later.

There were wicked storms up home last evening, and we got some short but nasty remnants later but nothing like they saw.

Today is house cleaning- we have company coming tomorrow, friends of my DS who we (the "grown-ups", lol) also dearly love. So it is time to dig out the mop and the broom and the vacuum etc. I'm starting early as it looks to be a hot one today.

Hopefully there will be some pictures by tonight.

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