Thursday, April 2, 2009

As I type this, my DH is on a plane heading to Paris!

Naturally, I am jealous- there's a reason the song is "April in Paris". I am lucky enough to once have been in Paris in April and it is breathtaking. I really wish I could be with him.

That said, I am SO thrilled for him that I am almost as happy as he is. From the time I met him almost 34 years ago, he has always talked about traveling. He loves it so much- seeing new places and new things and meeting new people. This will be his first trip to Europe and he is over the moon about it. So, let's hope he has a marvelous trip with fabulous weather.

We did have a good laugh on the way to the airport. His favorite movie has always been "It's a Wonderful Life". For the many years we were struggling to pay tuitions for our kids' schooling, and while I couldn't work and while we weren't making much money, there wasn't a lot of travel. Trips to Florida to stay with our aunt and uncle, the occasional convention trip, and his one long road trip to visit baseball parks all over the Midwest with his buddies were about it- which is NOT bad, but not what he dreamed of. So, for YEARS now I have had to listen to "I'm George Bailey". So, as we approached the aiport, I said to him "One more thing, dear. I do NOT want to EVER hear the 'George Bailey' whine again". He started laughing and then said sheepishly "No, I guess I'm not allowed to say that anymore, am I?"

And as for me? Well, here's *my* whine- I have to go to work tomorrow and next week while he is touring Versailles and Notre Dame, and climbing la Tour Eiffel, and drinking French wine in sidewalk cafes, and walking along the Seine. He'd better bring back a pretty impressive present, don't you think?


PAT said...

That's too bad you couldn't go on this trip with your hubby - I'd be whining, too *lol*

Etha said...

oh I'm totally with that! drinking vine or cafe aulait in sidewalk cafe's. As long as they are set back from the streets a bit, you know how these people there DRIVE! LOL.... I hope he has a lot of fun! Does he keep a travel blog again?

Suzanne said...

oh...April in sorry you couldn't share that adventure with him...and yes I'd say a nice souvenir is in order!

Shirley said...

Your post is really fun to read! He should bring back a great present!!!!!