Saturday, March 28, 2009

Wonderful day at the stamp show!

This gorgeous card front is a sample of the many things I learned today at the Stamp Scrap Art Tour show. We spent all day there and had a fabulous time!

This image comes from a spritzer techniques demonstration at Seaside Stampin's booth. They had about a dozen different techniques for using misters, re-inkers, and glossy paper. I bought a mister set, some re-inkers and a gorgeous stamp set- all DaVinci images including the one shown here.The folks who run Seaside Stampin' are really nice and we had a lot of laughs and fun there.

This pretty and fun stamp set came from Sparkle N Sprinkle, another booth where we spent a lot of time. This was another booth where the people were really friendly and shared tons of information along with the demos. We learned a lot of different ways to use glitter and also quite a bit about using Dove Blender pens, so they are now a new addition to my equipment. I also got some sticky paper (one side holds onto glitter!), several jars of glitter, an extra Dove pen for trying with gamsol and a bunch of other little stuff.

We spent time (and money!) at The Stampsmith where I got lots of good advice from Estelle and some more plates of stamps. Her photo style stamps are gorgeous and can be used in so many interesting ways.

From Rubber Cottage I got a couple more scenery stamps for coloring- these are among my favorites. HERE is a link to one of the ones I got today that will be terrific fun to try out in watercolors and chalks.

At Morning Star Stamps I found a huge tea cup that will take sentiments either in the cup or in the top rim. At various booths the rest of the day I was grabbing "tea" related sentiments.

Most of what I bought was supplies that are not readily available around here. It was so much better to see so many different techniques being demonstrated rather than just reading about how to do it.

There were lots more booths and we patronized virtually every one between us today. I bought stamp pads, paper piercing templates and tools, brass stencils, chalking tools and toys, EZmount, new Nestabilities, glossy paper and I cannot remember all the rest. We certainly did our part to stimulate the economy!

This is not a real big show- there were 22 vendors- but it was more than enough to keep us interested, busy and buying all day. If you are in the Philadelphia area and see this in time, it would be worth your time to make a trip to the new Expo Center out in Oaks on 422 west of King of Prussia.

While my budget couldn't take it, I would love to go back tomorrow!


Klick36 said...

It sounds great...and spirit lifting!
DAncingly, Denise

Suzanne said...

Oh wow...sounds like you had a great time. I can't wait to see what yu do with all your new stuff. The next stamp show I plan on going to is the Heirloom show in York in October....plenty of time to save up $'s so I can have lots of fun!

Cindy said...

It was a great convention! :o)

Lisa L. said...

You had fun! I went to a scrapbook expo yesterday and also "stimulated the economy"!

Etha said...

ohhh how nice! sounds ike you had a lot of fun there :) great purchases!!

Shirley said...

You definitely had a great time. You bring up a good point too. The stamp shows are getting smaller and so are the number of places to buy stamps, other than the Internet! Isn't this the same one you attend above? This might be part of the great present husband can give you. LOL