Thursday, January 15, 2009

Weirdness on ebay!

I've been an "ebayer" since it first started. I like ebay. I've had very few less than terrific experiences there. I've gotten lots of bargains over the years, and sometimes found things that I could never have gotten anywhere else.

Yesterday I had to leave work early because I was (and still am) too sick to stay on my feet any longer. I didn't want to sleep at 3 in the afternoon for fear of being up in the middle of the night. So, I settled in the recliner with my computer keyboard and decided to go strolling through ebay, not looking for anything in particular.

When I opened ebay I saw the name of the school where my DH teaches on the main page. Out of curiosity I put it into the search and came up with a couple of things connected to his school. That I thought was fun. So, I put in first my high school alma mater (no responses) and then his. Now, how is this for weird? Up came a copy of the yearbook from my DH's year! Now it gets even weirder! I open the auction page, scroll down to see the book- and WHICH PAGE from the senior class pictures has this unknown person halfway across the country chosen to show on ebay??????

YES!!! I am looking at MY DH's graduation picture!!!!!

So, that was my weird ebay experience yesterday!

I'm still feeling pretty awful. I went to work Monday-Wednesday but, like I said, by Wednesday couldn't make it through the day. Obviously I went back before I should have and am now paying the price. Today, after 14 hours sleep last night, lots of meds, lots of liquids, vitamins, you name it, I'm still feeling dreadful. Sitting here with my feet up is as much effort as I can muster.

My dear uncle passed away Tuesday night and the funeral is Saturday. I have to be well enough to stand up to all that that requires, so every effort right now is being put into trying to get better. I'm not even using my rest day at home for anything as strenuous as stamping or stitching- I honestly feel like they would be too much work.

So, I apologize for this getting so boring, but I'm off, back to bed.


Perky said...

Wow! That's so strange! What are the chances?????

I know how you feel with the sick stuff. HandsomeBoy has been sick all week and I lost my voice on Sunday and have pretty much gotten worse since then. Now, I think it's developed into a stomach virus.

HandsomeBoy went back to school today, but I'm still home. Tonight, CutiePie didn't want to go to Tae Kwon Do because he said everything hurts. Uh oh!!!!!

Feel better soon!

Anonymous said... weird is that?! Neat.

Sorry to hear you aren't feeling well. Sending "feel better" vibes your way.

Susan said...

I saw your post and had to drop in. Normally I briefly visit blog sites and then go back to my routine. But...I couldn't stop reading! Love your sense of humor and your content!! I'll be back :)

I am honored to be linked to you!


Shirley said...

Not boring at all, a truly weird experience, and I hope you are feeling better.