Friday, January 16, 2009


To get you in the proper state of mind for Sunday's game, this is Steve Van Buren scoring the winning touchdown for the Eagles over the Cardinals in the 1949 NFL Championship game.


This picture, and the commentary, came today from my friend and former, wonderful boss (from back in the days of happy memory at my job). Yes, he is an Eagles fan- a MAJOR Eagles fan.

I am home from work again, still much too sick to consider going in. I have stopped worrying about that and my only concern is being well enough to attend the funeral tomorrow.

Twice in (relatively) recent years, we've missed funerals- once a wonderful aunt, and once a longtime friend. Both occurred while we were away and not able to get affordable flights to attend at the last minute. I find, still, in both cases a lack of a sense of closure- a trite phrase, but one that really does have meaning after all. Knowing that a funeral happened and participating are most definitely two different things.

So, whatever I feel like tomorrow, I will be there. I am trying to get better- hours spent in bed with the steam humidifier going, seeming gallons of juice and other liquids, meds, whatever I can think of. It would be great if this cold/flu/bronchitis/whatever it is, would start behaving like a 24-hour-bug and just disappear as suddenly as it arrived. Unlikely I know, but we can dream, can't we?


Cindy said...

You MUST get over this malady! We have to be in tip top shape to cheer on our E-A-G-L-E-S!

Gwen said...

Well to bad you could not come here for the game today as the wheather is going to be about 78!!!! that would surly help you in feeling better :) We are not die hard Cands fans but just like everyone else here we have jumped on the band wagon!!! Should be a good game & I will think of you as I am watching the game today!!!!
Gwen, from Arizona!