Monday, January 19, 2009

The Day Got Better!

This probably doesn't look like much, but to me it is a little miracle!

My son gave me an amaryllis plant several years ago for Christmas. It bloomed very late- January, February- but it was GORGEOUS! I had flowers that were beautiful for many weeks and the high stalks for months.

I cut it back and did what the information I found told me- put it in the garage from Halloween to Thanksgiving, etc. For the first couple years that worked great.

Then this past fall I read that I shouldn't be putting the whole thing- in the pot, etc- away in the dark, but that I should pull out the bulb, shake most of the dirt loose, and just store the bulb. Ok, I said, I guess I got lucky when I did it wrong. Then I proceeded to follow these new instructions I'd found.

Well, what I replanted just after Thanksgiving looked pretty bad. By Christmas the dead-looking bulb was still sitting there doing nothing. Mostly it was me just not getting around to doing anything about it that was the reason it is still sitting in the pot in the sunporch. And, since I was out there anyway once in a while watering the aloe vera plant- which meant watering very irregularly since the aloe survives anything- it did get occasional watering.

So, you can imagine my surprise and DELIGHT when the picture above is what I found today when I was on the sunporch intending to look out the front windows and check out the latest (miserable, little, annoying) snowfall.

YES!!!!! The amaryllis LIVES!!! Check out that little green blade poking up from the center of the bulb. Look how BRIGHT green and HEALTHY it looks!!!!

Can you say "wow"?

My exams are done, I am still feeling awful but must drag into work tomorrow unless I am dead, I am completely exhausted from TYPING the exams (how's THAT for ridiculous!), and yet, it is a GOOD DAY!!!!

So, forget the phoenix, there's the resurrection of the amaryllis to celebrate!


Shirley said...

Actually I am saying Wow! And I needed that little guy surviving because we too have snow on the ground this morning and a little sun too! Congratulations, Mom~ I just finished the inauguration and am looking forward to the balls. Sen. Kennedy just fainted at the luncheon and praying for him too. Happy day Lady! Hope you start feeling better too!

Cindy said...

Love that you got that little plant to start...keep giving us progress reports...we need it with the weather...feel better!

Gwen said...

NO WAY!!!!! you really must have a green thumb!! that is really something!!! I hope you are feeling better soon! It took me a long time to feel better & not so tired all the time!! hope you can at least rest at night!! sorry about the was a very good game though!!! I thought they were going to take it there for a little while!!

Etha said...

ohhh how NICE!! I love it when they do this :) I always forget to take mine out, so they proceed to make beautiful leaves during the summer LOL

Allison said...

Love these!

Thanks for continuing to check in on my blog for updates about're sweet!