Monday, January 19, 2009

Blue Monday

My DH, who coached high school football for 25+ years, always told his players that if the last game of the year "meant something" you had had a successful season. The Eagles came "this close"- and it was a GREAT season. I am sad for Donovan McNabb- he will, unfairly, be blamed for this when it was the defense playing SOOO badly that really cost them the game. I've totally lost all interest in the Super Bowl now- when they don't get this close its still fun, but after this, who cares? Time to put away the green and get ready for spring training- go Phillies!

We're in the midst of a really annoying "snow event". We got less than an inch last night but it is frozen to the ground. I watched a neighbor try to shovel/scrape his sidewalk this morning and it was an exercise in futility. We're supposed to get more snow showers off and on today and tomorrow. What all this means is no fun- not enough snow to enjoy or close school, but just enough to make walking or driving dangerous. YUCK!

I am starting to feel less awful, which is NOT to say I am better, just less awful. I feel now like I've been through some dreadful disease or major surgery- exhausted, weak and run down. This is exam week at school and my exams are not even written yet- I just have not had the ability to concentrate enough to do them. In addition I have missed so much time that the kids are going into these exams practically blind about what to expect. I will, slowly, work to put together the exams throughout today, and be so grateful that the Sister in the copy room is an absolute doll and I know will get them printed for me in record time. Now I just have to figure out how I will get through a week (marking and recording tests that I gave when I was getting sick, giving and grading exams, calculating final grades, and being ready next Monday to start a new, more difficult due to schedule and class sizes semester than the one I am finishing) that would be difficult, stressful and exhausting if I were totally healthy- or whatever the nearest equivalent to totally healthy I ever get to is.

From a crafty standpoint, it is frustrating to have spent so many days at home and have accomplished nothing. No scrapping, no stamping, no cards, no stitching.

The only happy outlook on the horizon is next weekend. I am signed up (and paid up!) for a scrapbooking weekend with a group of friends. We'll be staying about an hour and a half from Philadelphia ("in the country") at a camp that will offer cabins and all our meals prepared and served, and what I hear is a beautiful main room for scrapping. The problem is that I am so far behind in EVERYTHING (don't forget I got sick almost two weeks ago!), the Christmas decorations are all still up, the house is a disaster, etc etc etc. I would feel guilty going away with so much to do, but I've been planning it for months, and I will lose the money I spent if I don't go, so I guess I will be scrapping next weekend- and taking down the Christmas decorations during the Super Bowl, lol!

OK- enough whining! Time to take another rest and then start on the exams. I hope, as is getting boringly usual, that everyone else is having a better day, week, month.....whatever, than me!

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