Friday, November 28, 2008

Continuing in the Needlework Theme

Well, I got 5 hours sleep. Not really enough, but I'll get by. The two big things today are the dryer delivery- YIPPEE!!- and getting some trash gone around here.

I got a message from my friend Etha that she didn't remember that I had a stitched piece of hers, so here's a picture of my "needlework wall". I have almost nothing I've ever stitched- like making cards, I stitch things to give away.

Etha's piece is the whitework sampler at the top. She brought it when she stayed with me for a weekend while helping teach a class to our little local (not EGA) stitching group. We had a LOT of fun that weekend- one of the gang still talks about "the heartbreak of hardanger".

This is a closeup of Etha's sampler. The good news/bad news is that from 11 years of hanging in this corner you can see the stitching details better because the piece had gotten quite dirty. "All" it needs is for me to unframe it, unmount it, wash it, remount it and reframe it- which means "one of these days" but not today! BTW, Etha- do you remember if it is laced or taped? Because if it is laced, that "one of these days" is gonna be a longer while, lol!

The sampler contains bands of pulled thread, drawn thread, hardanger, beading and lots of specialty stitches- a real master class! Mounting with the pink fabric underneath really makes the stitching pop IRL.

The two pieces below it- one shown here- were original designs I did for a Caron Fibers contest about 10 years ago. The Caron Collection makes gorgeous variegated threads and has a GREAT website with tons of information and ideas.

I didn't win, no surprise there. But the one who did win- Stephanie Novatski- was part of the group where Etha and I met, and who had the MOST amazing stitching room I have ever seen! It was bigger than the first floor of my house, had marvelous skylight windows and cabinets everywhere for storage of her massive stash. She was really talented and her stitchwork was gorgeous!

I guess these never got given away because they were not originally stitched "for" anyone!
Well, I should stop typing and start getting ready for the dryer delivery.


Etha said...

hmmm, I knew it was a Linda Driskell :) I am not sure what I did 1995 (...) but I usually only lace needlework, at least nowadays. I think its ok a bit grungy LOL... If I had this in for framing it would be taped, If I did it myself it should be laced ;)

Shirley said...

These are all lovely and Etha's doesn't surprise me that it is so lovely too! I love needlework, but can't seem to do cards and that too. You are so lucky~