Saturday, October 4, 2008

What a GREAT weekend!!!

We had a SUPER time! We took classes, we shopped, we ate, and, as predicted, we LAUGHED- a LOT!

Here's the only picture I have of all four of us- taken outside of QVC Studio Park- more about that later.

I got to the conference center around noon, immediately called Bev and we got together as I was signing up for the weekend at the registration booth.

Almost as soon as I got there, Bev and I found Pat and we were off to a class with Liz Turner Diehl- she of the magnificent (and sometimes swearing-inducing!!!) stitched gardens. This class was about using beading in needlework. While not what any of us expected from the brochure, we all learned a lot! Liz is a DOLL and really knows her stuff so the class was very good.

Here's a picture of Bev with the sampler using all the stitches we learned in the class.

And here's Pat getting help from Liz with ideas for a project she wants to do using the techniques from the class.

Then we checked out the merchandise mall. It was very small- REALLY small- compared to the "glory days" of Spirit of Cross Stitch, but having about 30 shops in one place was terrific and more than enough for us.

Pat and Ann took another class Thursday night so Bev and I just yakked and rested up for the long day.

Friday we went out jaunting around the area. We were hoping to start with a scrapbooking store that Pat found on the Internet, but when we got there it was a house in a totally residential area, so obviously you CAN'T believe everything you read on the Internet, lol!

Second stop was a small shop in Limerick called Just Cross Stitch. Space-wise it is small, but it is very well stocked with charts and we all found things we "just had to have". I even found a real, original Dololly!!! I bought it because I can't find mine and even if I do find it, they apparently don't make them anymore so having a back-up is a good idea.

We were way ahead of schedule and I had previously mentioned that QVC was not far from the conference center. So, we decided to go over there and visit Studio Park. We took the tour, saw the construction work going on- they are rebuilding and renovating all their sets- and just had a really good time.

Back to the conference center, more shopping then dinner and collapse into bed- but not before a second night of talking until the wee hours!

Today Ann took another class, the rest of us had a leisurely light breakfast, finished up our shopping and then we all had a long, fun-and-talk-filled lunch, then split up leaving the hotel. Pat and Ann are off for another week of visiting Pat's family and seeing NJ and NYC. I drove Bev to the airport, taking a long scenic route through the Main Line then down through the city past Memorial Hall, the Zoo and through University City.

I am WAY tired, I am going to do nothing but play with my new stash and watch the Phillies (GO, PHILLIES!!!) this evening, and hope I can get a LOT of sleep tonight.

I had a FABULOUS time!!! These ladies are SOOO much fun, and such GREAT company, and it is SOOO neat being with people that whether you saw them last week or 10 years ago are just totally comfortable and familiar. As Bev said at the airport- "we are NOT going to wait another 10 years to do this again!!!!"

Pictures of my newest stash additions and some stuff about various vendors tomorrow!

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Gwen said...

wow!!! so glad you had such a good time!!! I think you really needed it!!! I just love fun like that :) enjoy your new stash & your wonderful memories!!!