Sunday, October 5, 2008

More weekend update

So, this is the first new piece I'm going to work on! It is called "Flying Monkeys" from Glory Bee.

I got two bags of hand-dyed silk floss from Vicki Clayton and a beautiful piece of Dublin linen from Marilyn at Picture This Plus. The linen is an overdyed called Flash that I think will look great for this project!

(Looks like the dragonflies will be heading back into the UFO pile, again!)

It was a mixed day. The PHILLIES WON!!!! Yippee!!!! On to the next level!

The Eagles, on the other hand........

I'm glad that I had such a good weekend. It made me happy and relaxed, and it made me think. I spend way too much time with people who are petty, and into gamesmanship and other junk like that. There are lots of possible reasons that they feel the need to engage in this hateful and ridiculous behavior- and I've stopped caring what their reasons are. Since I cannot avoid them, I've decided to just ignore them from now on. I'm going to concentrate on the good in my life- I'm a good teacher, I'm a good wife, I'm a good friend, I have a great husband, I have wonderful friends and I have a good life.

There is a wonderful thing going on at Gina K's blog. She is sponsoring an effort to have people make holiday cards to send to soldiers in Iraq- but blank cards that the service men and women can send home for Christmas. She is also offering some wonderful blog candy with this program. Please check it out and participate if you can!

The bag is packed, the clothes are laid out and I am ready to start a new week. I'm also really tired. So, a little TV, some hot chocolate, and off to an early bedtime.

I hope everyone has a good week!


Etha said...

hehe that is too funny, love the frame too, did they have that where you got the pattern??

Suzanne said...

What fun...glad to here the Phillies won. As for the Eagles???? What can I say but GO SKINS!!!!! :)
It was a good Sunday for me.

Lori J (UrgentCookie) said...

I am glad you had a good weekend. Your project looks like a great one. Thanks for the heads up on Gina K's post.

Shirley said...

What sense of humor you have and what a cute piece too!