Friday, October 10, 2008

Weekend ahead!

I do wish politicians didn't love the Mayfair Diner quite so much.

I live in Mayfair, quite close to the diner. I like the diner- it's a typical diner, the food is good, very homey, the waitresses call you "hon", it has formica tables in booths- it's a total throw back and a neighborhood institution.

Tomorrow we will be going to one wedding and two receptions. I am really looking forward to both. However, the news this morning that Sen. Obama will be speaking at the diner, close to the time we need to leave for the wedding, is NOT good news.

H.R.Clinton spoke there while campaigning before the primary in the spring. They closed virtually all the streets in the neighborhood more than 3 hours before she was scheduled to be there and it created chaos for many more than 3 hours. I am NOT leaving for this wedding early enough to avoid the chaos because that would mean getting to the church 3-4 hours early- and that is just a little ridiculous. So, I hope that the police and Secret Service will be making allowances for people who need to exit the neighborhood while they await the Senator's arrival.

Meanwhile, the Phillies won last night!!! Game #2 starts in about an hour. GO, PHILLIES!!!!!

Sunday will be the Phillies again, so it looks like a busy weekend. There will be no time or opportunity for paper crafting but I might get in a little stitching in front of the TV.

The wedding tomorrow will be followed by a picnic reception. It is going to be wonderful I am sure. I really love these two kids and I am so excited and thrilled for them. The weather is cooperating magnificently- the prediction from The Weather Channel is 75° with "abundant" sunshine! As the Gershwins wrote "who could ask for anything more?"

Oops- almost forgot to remind everyone! Clear Artistic Stamps is having a release on Tuesday- two new sets! Check the website for a link to the release party! Also, the Autumn Treats set is on sale this month and Belinda is making a donation to Breast Cancer research for every Whispers of Dreams set sold this month. So, there's lots going on at CAS- make sure you check it out! There's also always something wonderful to see at the CAS blog, In the Cottage Studio, so make sure you visit there as well!

Time to get working on laundry and doing my nails and watching the PHILLIES!!!!! Have a great weekend, everyone!

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Shirley said...

Hey Lady, thanks for all of the news. Hope the wedding was great and the traffic at a minimum.