Thursday, October 9, 2008


They play tonight!

It's been a long week and a killer week. This is the earliest I've been home all week.

It seems like every year I forget over the summer just how demanding and draining my job is. I even forget during the year.

So, I got a bunch of new stuff at the stitching festival last weekend. A few days ago I showed you the Halloween piece I wanted to start first. Like I'd have it done for Halloween??? Yeah, right!

It seemed so easy- just a small project, not difficult. Well, it is not even mounted onto the scroll frame yet! In fact, the fabric isn't even cut yet.

Every day I think "tonight I'll get started" then every night I get home late and exhausted.

It's a BUMMER!!!!!

I hope I can stay awake for the game!


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Cathrine StClair said...

I hear you - I have so many projects "in my head" - but it seems too many of them just stay there. If I could only suck some energy out of my kids! (seems to work the other way around!).

Thanks for your applesauce comment - it made me laugh!