Friday, October 24, 2008

Medical update

When DH was bellowing earlier, it was because he was REALLY feeling bad.

I called the doctor's office. I told the woman who answered the phone that DH had surgery yesterday and was having some problems. Whoever it was I was talking to- never identified herself or her position with the doctor- immediately said "then go to the ER".

I told her I was NOT taking DH to the ER! I wanted to talk to the doctor, I wanted to know if his symptoms were normal for post-op from his particular procedure, and I was NOT sitting for hours in an ER which would only make him feel worse. She put me on hold for 7 minutes, came back on and asked for DH's NAME- which I had given her at the beginning!- and our phone number. She said the nurse would call "when she is done with her patient". I said I would prefer to hear from the doctor, to which she responded "he is busy with patients".

SHEESH!!!!! "He is busy with patients"- yeah, all patients who were able to go to his office- which means they are relatively healthy and not one day post-op and in significant pain! Where the heck are the priorities??????

And, that phone call was more than two hours ago and we have not yet had a call back from either the doctor or the nurse!

Three BRONX cheers for modern medicine!


Etha said...

goodness, that's terrible!
I've had very good experience with calling the nurse service from the health insurance. They know a lot and can help you decide if this is a 'normal' side effect or if you really should do something. See if your insurance has that service, should be on your card...

Shirley said...

Yuck! This does sound like what others have told me. So far, nothing I have heard makes me want to go to a hospital at all.