Thursday, October 23, 2008

Home from the hospital

It is a little frustrating how badly this Tula fabric photographs. Anyway....

DH is here and his gall bladder is there. I have to keep reminding him that the medical term for "having your gall bladder out" is cholecystectomy- because it sounds way cooler and way better than "having your gall bladder out".

He is fine, he is asleep, he feels a lot worse than he thought he would- it's his first non-limb, non-orthopaedic surgery. And it was only a laproscopic procedure- I'm glad he didn't have to have "real" surgery!

I am NOT happy with the way modern medicine operates though. We reported at 6:30 AM to wait in the hospital lobby until 8:15. At 9 AM they "took him down" for surgery, but when I finally checked in at the surgery waiting room at 10:30, he was still not in the OR. I got to see him when he got back to a room from recovery around 2 PM. In the room he was left on the gurney rather than having a real bed- and the gurney was too short so his feet and lower legs were hanging off the end. We left way before *I* thought we should, but he was discharged and so uncomfortable all he wanted was home and his own bed. The MEDICAL care was fine- the "Patient" care left a WHOLE LOT to be desired!

Up top you can see that I got a little progress done on the dragonflies. I am actually up to working on the last one! I also read about 150 pages of a good Anne Perry book, A Breach of Promise. I prefer her Charlotte and Thomas Pitt books but am learning to like the William Monk ones. And, having been up before 5 AM- for what turned out to be an 11AM surgery!!!!- I also took a nap. So, some little things were accomplished as I waited.

AND..... the Phillies won!!!!

Game #2 tonight- GO, PHILLIES!!!!!


Lee (LuvLee on SCS) said...

So glad hubby is out of surgery and on the mend!!!! Hugs!!!

Etha said...

Keep an eye on the big guy :) I'm sure he will be up and running in no time. The anesthesia really does a number on your whole body. Your stitching looks good :)

Shirley said...

Actually I totally understand about the hospital thing. I am so glad he is home. Believe me, he is safer at home. Congrats on the Phillies!