Thursday, September 25, 2008

Time for some Stitching blogs

This is the English Garden Sampler from Teresa Wentzler. It is my MOST favorite of all her incredibly exquisite needlework designs. I have the chart, I have all the materials, I even have the fabric gridded, and I WILL complete it someday.

I met Teresa several times years ago at various stitching events and she is as lovely as her designs.

If sophisticated, beautiful things are your taste, check out her designs at her needlework website. And, if you want to read more from this extremely talented lady, check out her blog, Artistic License.

The Embroideress is the blog home of one of the great women of modern needlework. Linn cares so much about the art that she has spent untold hours over many years studying the history of various types of embroidery, bringing to the field a scholarship that is amazing. I have admired Linn for a long time now; her committment to education, preservation and understanding of needlework is unparalleled.

Finally, let me introduce you to the lady who makes the magnificent angels- and lots of other designs as well. Marilyn Leavitt-Inblum's website is Told In A Garden, where you can see the vast array of angels and Amish children and Christmas scenes of striking beauty. I have two WIPs (works in progress) from MLI- Angel of Mercy and Celtic Christmas. I put away all my big cross stitch pieces several years ago but they are there waiting for me to come back and finish them- which I will. Marilyn does not have a blog, but you can hear from her on a regular basis through her Yahoo group- the link is on the website.

Until I get a lot more work done on this house, and get my craft room turned into a working craft room instead of a storage for crafts room, I won't be working on either TW or MLI. But, one of these days.....

Tomorrow is Friday! If I can manage NOT to get sick this weekend, on Saturday I will be "playing" with Cindy and all her new CTMH stuff. She is raving about how beautiful all the supplies are- the papers, she says, are really gorgeous and everything is just wonderful. While I've used CTMH stamps for several years, I haven't seen the rest of the line and I'm looking forward to it!



Christi said...

Wow! That piece is truly stunning!!

Shirley said...

Love your project and hope you enjoy it as much as the one that inspired you, if not more.