Wednesday, September 17, 2008

FUN it wasn't!!!!

So, this is what I first saw/noticed when I went out at 7:15 to leave for school. "Oh, bleep, someone broke my taillight."

Then I went around the back of the car. "Oh, bleep, someone HIT my car!"

Then I took a close look at the side of the car. "Oh, double bleep, the whole quarterpanel is smashed and the trunk is closed crooked!!!"

Then I started noticing "smaller details". "BLEEP, BLEEP- there are WRINKLES in my car!! There are CRACKS in my car. The back window looks like it's gonna pop out! The bumper is split open like a fault line. My tire and wheel cover are smashed up- on the OTHER SIDE!!! There are cracks in and chunks out of the SIDEWALK from my car."

Then I noticed the debris field- small parts of my car on my car, on the sidewalk, on my LAWN! "Bleep, Bleep, Bleep- there are pieces of my car all over the place!!!!"

Somewhere out there- and probably pretty close to here- somebody is driving around with a LOT of front end damage to their SUV. At least *I* can explain to my insurance company- wonder what the SUV owner is gonna say to his?

The police arrived quickly, the insurance company was REALLY nice and unbelievably fast and now I have a nice rental car for who knows how long. The car is at the shop, the adjuster will call me tomorrow, and the shop already says it'll be at least a week and a half. Between the passenger side from the door back, the entire bumper, the trunk, the wheel, and who knows what else that I can't see or didn't notice- by the time I get the car back almost the entire back half of the car body will have been replaced.

I still managed to get to school in time for homeroom. However, I didn't get to homeroom in time for homeroom- remember how my classroom is on the third floor? Well, today was the day the ELEVATOR decided to call out sick!

And that was my day- how was yours????


Etha said...

goodness! that must have been some loud 'bump" there, I'm surprised nobody heard or saw anything.
Glad you were not IN the car....

Sarah said...

My goodness!!! What a way to start the day! I'm so glad you were not in the car when it was hit...I hope the police are able to find the person who did it, I have to wonder if drinking was involed?? I hope your day today is going much better!!!

Lisa L. said...

You poor thing! It was pretty low to do that much damage and drive off. I think you need some stamp therapy!

Bridgett said...

Wow! What a crappy thing to do to someone's car (accident or not) and then just drive off! I am so glad you weren't injured or near when this happened. I hope someone is able to help you that may have seen or heard something. Yikes! And what a great time for the elevator to not work!
Gentle Hugs,

Shirley said...

How awful! Sometimes I wonder and then remember what year it is. Where are the days when someone would at least leave their name,etc. under the windshield wiper if they couldn't stay. I hope they catch whoever it was. You are having a long week.

Cathrine StClair said...

Oh that just stinks! To do that and just drive off?? Geeze...

Hope you are feeling better. How many days till winter break??