Thursday, July 17, 2008

Oh, well

Just got a call from my friend- she cannot come down now until this evening.

So, while this means I have lots of time to finish the few little things I wanted to do here before she arrives, it means we miss a day at the beach and lots of time. It also means I have a whole lot of un-planned time today.

I have been getting a BUNCH of hits here in the last few days and I finally figured it out- DUH! There's a blogger out there who lists her "newly discovered" blogs every few days and Tuesday I was on her list. How exciting!!!! Her blog is called Scrappin' When I Can and I've added her to my sidebar- make sure to check it out!

So that brought out the teacher in me. I don't do any tutorials or anything here as I'm just not confident that I have anything to share that others cannot already do as well or better. But, I could start sharing WHY I like certain things and maybe that would be helpful to someone. I also can share all the wonderful sites I find. So, as time permits, I hope to do more information sharing from now on.

For starters, how about that Enveloper? I know the folks over at SCS are mostly Scor-pal fans and that's a good tool. But the directions for making envelopes with it would make me tear my hair out! AND, it's BIG! Meanwhile, a British company has come up with an envelope making tool that is sooooo fast and soooo easy- well, it's got my name all over it!

All you need is your paper cutter, the tool, the chart that comes with it and some tape. You cut your paper into a square- the chart tells you the size based on the card. Then you put the paper into the corner of the tool, make 4 scores on the lines indicated on the chart, fold and tape. Voila! Beautiful envelope.

It actually took me a LOT longer to type this than it would to make the envelope!

This gizmo also makes what is called an "envelobox"- an envelope that has enough depth to carry those heavily embellished cards we all love. That takes about 10 seconds longer to make because you have to score twice on each side.

There is a really neat blog out there called ScrapTime. She does video lessons for all kinds of things that crafters are interested in. If you want to see the video about the Enveloper, it's back on January 17 and here's the link.

Oh- for the bargain hunters out there, Ritz Camera online has it this week for a really good price! NOT endorsing, just some info.

That's enough "teacher" time- now it's back to student time and the dreaded assignment #3.


Christi said...

I just got my Scor Pal but I am loving this enveloper. Sorry your friend cancelled but that'll give you more stamping time, right? :)

Etha said...

ahhh, Allison "discovered' you, that's neat :)

Phil said...

Here is the link to the Enveloper at Ritz:

Crafter's Companion - The Enveloper

I know they are trying to grow their scrapbooking business, so they often have many of their scrapbooking products (both supplies and equipment) on sale... click the "Scrapbooking" tab on the upper right of the page.

Cookingmama said...

fun! I want that one! I don't have a score pal and have never made an envelope. But sure want to!