Thursday, July 17, 2008

A few things

I had a busy day. Laundry finally reared its ugly head. Last night I worked late on an online course I am taking to learn more about my Silhouette. Assignments #1 and #2 were no problem, but #3 had me frustrated- so that is deferred until tomorrow.

You know how when we think back to school or college there are always a few people who stand out? They are the ones who are part of our bond to a school. This week a very special professor from my college days died. I'm at an age when this should be expected, but somehow I cannot imagine my college campus without him. I made a card to send to his widow. I don't have any sympathy stamps down here, so I just tried to pick an appropriate image. I used watercolor crayons for this one and really like how it came out. The stamp is Stampscapes' Country Chapel.

I also made a card today to send to my niece. She had surgery today and I wanted to cheer her up. Nothing like Mickey for that! I used my Prismacolor markers and I'm very happy with the results.

Then I played with my Enveloper- one part of a set from Crafter's Companion that I really like. I got my set at HSN and you can see it there. It makes envelopes in less than a minute!! TOO EASY!!! I love that I can match the envelope to the patterned paper I used for the card!

So, the laundry is done, I played quite a bit today, I made homemade baked macaroni and cheese for dinner (my VERY favorite comfort food) with enough left over for several more meals (and, I really prefer it the second time). I talked on the phone for a long time to a special friend who always understands me, and then for another long time to my very special Auntie.
Now, I have the extra bed made, the towels laid out nicely and I am all ready for the arrival tomorrow of a good friend who is going to stay, and play, and laugh with me for the next couple days. All ready, that is, except RE-cleaning up the crafty mess all over the table, lol! (I cleaned up before dinner but decided later that I just *had* to make those envelopes NOW.)
It was a LONG day!


Lee (LuvLee on SCS) said...

Oh Teresa..........I'm so sorry to hear about your professor. Your cards are just stunning!! And I really need to learn to make my own envies as I love making square cards........but I already have the Scor-Pal, so I just gotta learn on that!!! LOL

Christi said...

Oh I am so sorry to hear about your professor. I know that must be hard. Your cards are fantastic! I hope your niece's surgery went well and that she gets well soon. All of your cards are gorgeous!!!

Lori J said...

Sorry about your professor. Your cards are fabulous! Great work. :0)

Allison said...

These are have so much patience to color those cards!

Gwen said...

so sorry to hear about your professor...I think the card is perfect!