Tuesday, July 29, 2008

Look out Lucy!

So, tomorrow I have a haircut appointment. And, I haven't been taking care of my hair color because it always totally fades out at the shore anyway. But, today I decided I'd better do it- the grey was WAY too obvious.

I don't remember why I bought a different brand than usual a couple weeks ago when I first thought "you'd better think about your hair" while shopping at the drug store. But, I did. Names shall remain anonymous, but I sure won't be taking any haircolor advice from a certain SATC star.
So, have you ever seen any of the publicity photos for "I Love Lucy"? Well, Lucy's hair is dull, dull, DULL compared to mine.

Out to the store I go, to get my usual brand and in a lighter shade than usual, to try to tone down the first effort. Did it work? NOOOOOOOOOOOO!!
Here's a Lucy pix that is ALMOST as red as mine- and kind of expresses how I am feeling about now.
The good news is that it is only hair, it grows out and fades, and it'll be back to normal in a couple of weeks. Til then.......watch out for that ladydoc who looks like a fire engine!


Etha said...

LOL, too funny!

Suzanne said...

What can I say but OH MY!

Cel said...

You crack me up! When you get your cut, maybe they can tame the color down? If not, OH WELL! Just enjoy it :)