Monday, April 7, 2008

A really nice end to a BAD day!

OK- first you get the whining. Last night was horrific. I could not sleep because a) all I could think about was the confrontation that was coming with the administration at school over their continued harassment, as exemplified by a memo left in my mailbox late Friday afternoon; and b) my leg was screaming at me with my shoulder joining the chorus- the result of two hours at the Stamp show on crutches. And the insurance company says I don't need a motorized wheelchair!
So, I was still awake at 3 AM when I finally resorted to the heavy duty pain meds; I called out shortly after 6AM, and then finally fell asleep until about noon.
When I woke up I realized the fibromyalgia had reacted to the combination of pain and stress and chosen today to flare up in the worst attack I've had in years. Along with the screaming pain in the leg I had dull achy typical fibro pain everywhere, a headache, and an upset stomach. Then, the final kicker- I got lost going to PT.

Now, having "fibro-fog" is a symptom that all FMS patients complain about from time to time. Forgetting things, like my husband's name- did that once at a party- met someone I hadn't seen in years and could not introduce DH because I could not remember his name! It hasn't happened to me in years, but in the early days of my FMS I used to get lost going to familiar places. I'd suddenly not be on the right road to where I wanted to be, would know where I was and where I wanted to be, but had no clue how to get from where I was to where I was going. Happened today. I knew exactly where I was- it was outside the high school my daughter attended!; I had no idea why I was there because it is not on the way to PT; I knew where PT was but could not figure out how to go from point A to point B. Drove around following familiar roads until I found a place where I knew how to get back on the right track.

I finally got to PT, late, where the routine was significantly downsized, due to the combination of pain and the obvious limitations the therapist saw. She saw enough that I also saw the doctor today even though I wasn't on his schedule.

Well, I am back in the immobilizer brace, 24/7, and significantly restricted- basically back to shortly after post-op. My PT routine is now limited to maintaining range of motion and he's going to do more X-rays next week and maybe order other tests then.

At this point, I am pretty depressed!

I come home, check the mail and what do I find???? A TAG CARD FROM LEE!!! It is totally beautiful inside and out.

How's that for something to cheer you up????

Then I IMed with my friend Etha- she of the magnificent talent and wonderful blog (see left sidebar)- and that made me feel even better. We talked about my medical stuff, then we talked stamping, mostly Clear Artistic Stamps and Artistic Outpost, both of which she designs for. I also told her about Stampsmith, which I fell in love with this weekend.

Then Cindy called and we talked about how much fun we had this weekend and how much we learned and how she already made FIVE cards with her new toys- and all of them are beautiful!!!! Here's something she made with some of the Rubber Stamp Tapestry sets she got this weekend:

I really want to play with these as well- we each got a couple sets so mine will be different from hers but they are all just GORGEOUS!!! They are "peg stamps" which means they are mounted on 3" long dowels, which make them really interesting, and it seems, easy to use. Hopefully one day soon.
Now it is time for me to call my DH, who is in San Francisco visiting my cousin. THAT should be the best thing yet for cheering me up.
So, after all the whining- and this is the longest whining post I hope I ever write!!!- the day is ending on a cheerful note- from the knowledge that I have a wonderful DH, and lots of friends, and things I love to do and I can do most of them even if the $%^& leg ISN'T working at the moment.
So, off I go to chat with DH and MAYBE, just maybe, even play a little before bed. At least I don't have to get clothes ready- that's already done!


Lee said...

Oh wow Teresa!! I'm so sorry you are struggling so much with the pain....and the school staff....I'm always available to come out and kick booty!! LOL I'm glad my card cheered you up a little!! And I sure hope you feel well enough to stamp a little with those gorgeous tapestry stamps!! That card is just so delicate and pretty!!! I hope you had a wonderful and cheery call to hubby........wishing you a good night's sleep my friend!!

Suzanne said... heart goes out to you. You have been through so much recently. I do pray things get better soon and you can get back to enjoying your life.
Maybe there is a bright side underneath this recent flare up and pain. Maybe the Doc can write something to change the insurance companies mind. I think you said you can appeal the ruling and maybe, just maybe this latest incident will convince them you really do need that chair.....Good luck and I hope you can get a better nights sleep tonight my friend.

Beth said...

You've been on my mind this morning and I truly hope you are doing better. Sending you lots of good thoughts for smiles and sunshine! Hugs!!

Beth said...

Just sending you a "hurrah, it's the weekend!" {{{HUG}}} - hope you're doing ok.

Susan said...

Teresa, you always amaze me! I start reading and can't stop. I LOVE the fact that you forgot your husband's name at just the right moment! I would give anything to have your attitude.