Friday, April 11, 2008

End of a LONG week

I went back to school on Tuesday and worked the rest of the week. Things got rapidly better. The change of braces on the leg combined with greater restrictions worked very quickly- now to discover what will need to be done to make the smaller brace usable and get me more mobile again.

Things have NOT improved at school- I still work for idjits and they are still idjits.

I played a little with a few of my new toys. I am totally NOT satisfied with how I am doing with the Stampsmith stamps- I need a better ink pad for starters. Will have to do a little research on that. I made one card with the Rubber Stamp Tapestry peg stamps and I think, no I KNOW, I am going to love these. Such fun- just kind of stamp the leaves and the vines and the flowers all over and VIOLA! a garden or a wreath or whatever- lovely!

Tonight I spent a little while trying out my Derwant watercolor pencils- and I like the effect a lot. The project is not finished so nothing to post yet from that.

Between my normal procrastination and the "stuff" of the last month, tomorrow it's the TAXES!!!!

Sunday I will reward myself by playing and enjoying the Masters. For now, I will toodle around, as much as I can, get a few things done, and try to stay awake for the WildEarth drive tonight. I want to see LIONS!!!


Lee said...

Awww.......I'm sorry the ADULTS at school are the mo-rons you have to deal with!!! Hang in there as you certainly do make a difference to so many of those kids!!

Trish D said...

To get a good impression with a photo image (such as those from Stampsmith), I'd recommend a black versafine pad and GOOD white cardstock (glossy, even). I generally use cheap-o Georgia Pacific white cardstock from Wally World, but when working with finely detailed stamps it just doesn't give you a good impression. Have also heard great things about the adirondack pitch black pad (but never used it personally). HTH!

Beth said...

"idjits" - I'm crackin' up here-not because they're idjits, but b/c I haven't heard that term in AGES. My DH works with his own crop of idjits, so I know how precious the weekends are for him. However, I'll send some more good thoughts your way as you do your taxes...ICK! I'm looking forward to seeing your Rubber Stamp Tapestry cards - they sound lovely! Glad to hear you've had a bit of relief from the newest brace...hope they can get you back into smaller one soon!

Etha said...

Glad to see you are better spirits!
Try loading up a rubber brayer with ink (any fine dye ink should be good!) then brayer it over your stamp that is lying stamp side up, take your card stock, lay it onto the stamp and smooth over it with your hand, obviously trying not to move the paper. Lift off and you should have a beautifully stamped image ;)