Saturday, October 20, 2007


Tilting at Windmills has been the story of my life. When I was graduating from high school, some friends gave me a copy of Picasso's Don Quixote because they said it reminded them of me. I wasn't sure then, and I am still not sure, whether that is a compliment. I do know that I care a lot about whether things are right, just and fair, and I also see great beauty in the world. I can find joy in the many small things in my life- my plants, my pictures, my music. I fight daily battles with my health. I fight with, and for, my students every day. I fight losing, seemingly meaningless, battles with those I work for too often. I am surrounded by chaos I seem unable to control. I love, and am loved by, a wonderful spouse, and I have marvelous, loyal friends who enrich my life and my work. All in all, whether a compliment or not, the comparison to Quixote is an accurate and happy one.

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Cel said...

Why didnt you tell us you had a blog????