Sunday, October 21, 2007

Just another Sunday

It's getting late on Sunday afternoon and things around here are pretty normal for that time of the week. The grocery shopping is done and the laundry is in the process. I've been poking around in the craft room, trying to get some organizing done in there but not a whole lot of results are occurring. John (DH) has packed up some of his books to make room here at home and fill up the empty bookcases in his classroom.

No Sunday dinner this week- John is going out to dinner with the guys. This group likes to visit a BYOB restaurant once a month. They usually go on a weeknight, but for some (unknown to me) reason, this month's choice is only BYOB on Sundays. Go figure! So I'll make something simple and easy for me, and spend the evening pottering around here, working on laundry, watching some TV, maybe doing a little crochet, and getting ready for the week.

I had a very good day with the African webcams. A while back, I stumbled into a group that watches live webcams from various sites at waterholes in South Africa and Botswana. One of the sites- WildEarth- does a live safari drive twice a day. Today on the drive we saw a lioness, an African wildcat, a cape buffalo, and some beauiful scenery. The timing of the drives means I only get to watch live on weekends, so it was a good day.

Last week we went to a wedding for which I made the card. Since part of the reason for this blog is to display- i.e. showoff!- various crafty things I do, here's a picture of the card:

Enough babbling. I have tons to do to get ready for tomorrow and the week; I want to work on some stamping and card making; I need to eat; and there is so much to do around here, as always.


Cel :) said...

Brag away, Lady! What a beautiful card!!!

Lee said...

Oh what a gorgeous wedding cake!!!

Suzanne said...

Wonderful card and also thanks for reminding me about the African cams. I used to watch these a lot and haven't for a while. I thought maybe they had stopped working since I wasn't hearing anyone talk of them. Know I know they are still there. THANKS!