Sunday, October 28, 2007

Just another usual Sunday evening

I'm taking a break from the ordeal of sorting out summer and winter clothes, getting things out of Rubbermaid tubs, into Rubbermaid tubs, hanging so many things up- you know the drill.
I have to finish pre-grading rough drafts of about a dozen term papers, finish the laundry, get clothes ready for the morning for school, make sure my school bag is properly packed- all the usual for this time of week.
It was a nice but not restful weekend. I worked on cleaning and organizing the computer/book room Saturday morning (got nowhere near done, but did make a dent!) and went out with girlfriends Saturday afternoon. Saturday night is "date night" with DH, so we went out and had a nice time at the casino. He won and I lost but I am a CHEAP gambler- losing a lot for me means $20. It was a lot of fun.
Today I got on the WildEarth drive and that was great. Here is a picture from the drive. They really do get this close up sometimes to even lions and other such predators. Although it is on screen and not "live and in person", this is way better than the zoo.

Well, I'm on another, much later,break. I had a long talk with Aunt Ellie today and that was really nice. Other than that, there are plenty of clean towels, more than enough clean laundry for the week, the dishwasher is running, and once I get my school bag organized, I only have to read those dozen papers and I am done for the day.
Happy Halloween!


Cel said...

So, what is the site????

Lee said...

I love to check out the Africam site!!! I rarely get on the tours on WildEarth.......but I sure love Virtual Safaris!!