Friday, October 26, 2007

It's so dreary today- cold, raining, just miserable.

Just the kind of day that needs comfort food, so there is rice pudding in the oven- the really old-fashioned kind, made from my Grandmother's recipe. It takes several hours to bake, but the aroma wafting through the house while you wait is almost as good as eating it.

To forget the miserable weather outside, I've been working on my pictures from our cruise to Bermuda. Here's a classic Bermuda picture of John, passing under a moon gate. We really had a marvelous time and now I am looking forward to making a scrapbook of my favorite pictures from the trip. From the 350 I took, I have it narrowed down to about 90. I soooo love digital cameras- take a lot of pictures, then just print and use the best. Technology is wonderful!

The end of the first quarter at school is approaching and that means quarterly tests and lots of papers for me to read. I should probably spend most of the weekend grading tests and such, and plan to do some, but I also want to start working on Christmas cards and do some other crafting.

Tonight I plan to try to stay up late and go "on the drive" at the WildEarth webcam site. Twice a day a LandRover equipped with a camera feed (and operator) and driven by a safari guide goes out into the Djuma game reserve in South Africa, and does a wild-life drive. While sitting at home in front of my computer, I am, in real-time, travelling through a safari park looking for animals. The guides at WE are marvelous and the sights are incredible. I have always, literally since I was about 8 years old, wanted to go to Africa. I still hope to get there someday, but for now, this is an amazing substitute.

The rice-pudding is starting to smell "done". Time to enjoy!

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