Friday, November 8, 2013

Wiped out!

As I get older, this darn Fibromyalgia seems to get worse. I am not sure if it actually does, or if it is just that at my age, anything makes a difference.

I am sitting here, in the recliner, which is as close to vertical as I have gotten today. Everything hurts. My daily meds made enough of a difference to get me from the bed to the recliner, but even with that I needed an extra dose of the stronger PRN pain killer to ease, somewhat, the aching in my shoulder and arm from two days of driving. 

At 61 years old, and fast approaching 62, can I blame the Fibro or am I just getting old?

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Shirley said...

I'm baaaaaaaccck!! ;-) Have to tell you, since I am older, that part of it is age. :-) No one ever told me we just wilt away. LOLOL I don't envy you the Fibro though and have heard aging does make it worse, or is it the other way around. Either way it can't be fun and my prayers go out to you Teresa!!! I am now semi retired, so I will be by more often. Have missed reading your posts. Saw about your husbands school closing. Not any fun either!!! On the bright will have more time for each other, although thinking you already know how to make quality together time. Enough and on to hopping. Missed you. Hugs,