Thursday, November 21, 2013

Not so depressing!

That last post was really dismal- which kind of matched how I was feeling. So, I spent some time playing with the iPad - which I just noticed is down to 10%,  so I better be quick with this post.

Saturday is the 50th Anniversary Special for Doctor Who!!! It seems impossible, living in a mostly Whovian house - I introduced my son to DW when he was about 2 and he's been crazy about it ever since - but there are actually real, live people out there who do not know that this Saturday is the biggest day in DW history!

I love Doctor Who!!! I - yes, me!!! - actually attended a Comicon in the early 80s to see Tom Baker. For the uninitiated, Baker was the 4th Doctor and my first Doctor. The first time I ever saw Doctor Who was in the late 70s, on WHYY late on a Saturday afternoon, like about 4:30. The first episode I ever saw was Pyramid of Mars. Yeah, I'm a Doctor Who geek!!!

Well, I must admit that when I start thinking about, reading about, and watching preview clips of, the show on Saturday, I get positively giggly!!! It is going to be AWESOME!!!!! Not only do we get both the 11th Doctor (Matt Smith) and the 10th Doctor (David Tennant), and we get their companions Clara and Rose, but we also get John Hurt as the War Doctor!!! Just saw a clip from a talk show with John Hurt saying that when he signed on he had no idea how big this was! Surprise!!!!!

In order to prevent spoilers from ruining the show for anyone, the show is being simulcast, around the world!!!! Every Whovian in the world watching together, at the same time!!!  Even my husband, who freely admits that he "doesn't get" Doctor Who, will be watching, because "this is a big, big event". 

So, Saturday afternoon, at 2:50 PM (did I mention that the show is going out at EXACTLY 50 years, to the minute, as the very first episode?) we will be having special snacks (for what is a TV event without snacks?) and turning off all phones and other electronic devices, and sitting mesmerized in front of the TV, knowing that there are literally dozens of millions of others doing the same thing!!!

Yes, it really is quite enough to make even this 61 year old, old lady, quite giggly!!!!

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Erica said...

So I assume you'll be dining on fish fingers & custard with jelly babies for dessert? And wearing a fez with your sonic? And don't forget - bowties are cool! :-)