Wednesday, November 6, 2013

Not doing so well, am I?

So, here it is November 6th, and this is only my second post this month. Ah, well.

Doing this from my iPad, so I have no idea what this will look like. Here's the deal: I am on my way north to Philadelphia. That does NOT make me happy. BUT.... I am going to see my dear, darling DH tomorrow night, so that part is great. I am going to a wedding this weekend, and that part is great. Thanksgiving and Christmas are coming, so those parts are great. The rest of it? NOT so great.

My mother has scheduled a multitude of doctors' appointments that I am expected to drive her to. I will be seeing several doctors. I will be seeing the dentist, several times. Yeah, not a lot of fun.

But there will be time to catch up with friends and students whom I have not seen in a while, or even a long while. We will be going to DS's Charity Quizo next week. I will get to go to First Friday next month with the CD faculty, and also, there is the CD Christmas Party. I have lunch dates with several former students coming up, and I intend to go to LF's Spirit Day, for one last visit with the now (I cannot believe it!!!!) Senior Class. So, it looks like the positives will probably outweigh the negatives. Why only "probably"??? Because yesterday afternoon I was in the pool at the club in Florida, and somehow I don't think there will be any outdoor swimming in Philadelphia in November. So, it is north to sweatshirts and warm coats, but hopefully, no boots. Florida, I will be back in a little more than 7 weeks- I WILL MISS YOU!!!!

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