Sunday, February 6, 2011

Time to give a LOT of stuff away!

If we are ever going to move to a smaller house in a warmer climate (or even a smaller house anywhere!) I really have to get rid of a LOT of stuff from my so-called craft room. It is "so-called" because it is so stuffed there is no room to work in there.

So, I have started a new blog:LadyDoc is Cleaning Out Her Craft Room.

I will be listing all kinds of stuff there that I will happily send to a new home for the cost of postage. The first list- a group of old needlework charts- is up. As time goes on, there will be charts, kits etc as well as stamp sets and lots of other crafting supplies.

There is a link to it on my sidebar so you will be able to get there easily.

I HATE to throw away anything that someone could use, so check it out and see if something there is calling to you.


Denise said...

woohoo! What a great idea. I am going to post your new blog over on my blog when I do another post...Okay? You go girl!

Suzanne said...

Yes a great idea......I need to do this myself as I am now looking to the goal of moving to FL to a much smaller don't even want to know what I need to get rid of....maybe we could swap....LOL!

Shirley said...

I should send you some of my "stuff" to give away with yours. Ha ha!!