Friday, February 4, 2011

My Favorite New Needlework Design

I am more excited about this design than any cross stitch chart I have seen in years. (I also get equally excited about some of Martina's Chatelaine Designs, like the German Christmas Market, but those designs are so much more than cross stitch so I consider them in a different category.) It is by Plum Street Samplers, and you can get to their blog post about it by clicking HERE.

I will be ordering it on Sunday from The Strawberry Sampler during their Super Bowl sale. I don't know about fabric yet, but I will definitely be doing this in Vikki Clayton's Hand Dyed Fibers silks. The conversion chart is already available on her website. This will be one very expensive project before it is done, but SOOOOO worth it!!!

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Denise said...

ah...Noah and his Ark have special meaning for us here at the Fields' house. 17 years ago (can't believe it is that long ago) I gave birth to our baby angel Jamie. She had died while I carried her...I had the chicken pox while I was pregnant. We had planned a nursery with Noah's Ark. I have special little momentos of Noah...a quilt a friend and I made, a wooden one my brother trust me when I say this is beautiful. I sure wish I cross stitched. i tried it years ago and didn't like the process, so I gave it up!
I hope you make this and show us the piece when you are all done! Thanks for sharing...