Saturday, January 8, 2011

Why I Hate 2011

I've got a little yellow, some green and a whole lotta red- and the New Year is only a week old today.

Yellow: I was out with a few CD teachers yesterday and it was nice. I like snow as long as I don't have to drive in it and today it is snowing and I am going nowhere.

Green: all the school work I brought home over the holidays to work on during the 4 days of the car ride to Florida is still staring at me. Due to the storm on the 26th we flew to Florida and there was no way to carry all that on the plane. Exams are coming up so I also have a slew of new work that needs to be done, and there will be 130+ term papers to read in the near future. Installation of our new windows, and the finishing work on the pre-Christmas house re-construction, keeps getting delayed by weather, so we continue with the mess. DH was also really sick in Florida and after we got home and I somehow managed to escape catching it....until now.

RED: Auntie was in the hospital for most of our trip to Florida and still there when I came home. She was sick enough for it to be frightening. Made for a very difficult and unhappy trip. She's finally home but a long way from well.

RED: A former student, CD class of 2010, died Tuesday afternoon. Great kid, well-liked. Other kids are devastated; I get teary several times a day. The funeral on Monday will be heartbreaking.

RED: One of my current students has been missing since Thursday- scared out of my mind.

2010 is looking better all the time.

ETA- a RED to YELLOW!!! Student has been found safe!!! Still hating on 2011 but it just got a lot better!!!!


Shirley said...

Oh My Gosh!! I guess you will have to hang onto the thought that at least your bathroom is done. I wasn't too fond of last year either, however, I am really really hoping this one is turning around for me and you too now. I am so sorry about your student and also for his classmates too! It is never never easy and when young it is even harder.

Here's to a better year for everyone, including our country. I am praying what happened in AZ today is not a sign of times to come. It is great to be back reading your blog!!!

Kelly@ Charming Chatter said...

Oh goodness, what a tough start to the year. So sorry to hear about all of it - and hoping that things get better soon!

Suzanne said...

2011 has got to begin moving up....I'm so sorry that it has had such a rough start. I kind of agree with you, but will pray extra hard that things get much better very soon. None of us are sure what the future may bring, but we do know who holds our future in His hands and He is by our side through it all, even if it means crying with us!