Friday, January 28, 2011

So, What Have I Been Up To?

This was the forecast last night before bed. It was a *little* off- we woke to 16.5 inches!

 The view from the front door at 10 AM this morning.
 The view of the side of the house- DH and DS's cars are there somewhere- DS actually had to brush off some snow to be sure which one was his.

As you can probably guess, there was no school today. There will be no school tomorrow. Small streets like ours still remain impassable- the snow is too deep and the cars get hung up and stuck.

I had a little fun shopping this morning. Strawberry Sampler, my not-so-local needlework shop had an online Snow Sale today and I took full advantage. 
 Three nice charts from Hinzeit were among my haul- these were among them. More on this later.
 I saw this Betsy Ross piece and just feel in love with it. I will definitely be doing it on a hand dyed linen and using Vikki Clayton's silks for this special work. So what else is new?

Not much good. Last week a former student was killed in a gas line explosion. Another funeral for a teenager who never got a chance to live. Two funerals in 2 weeks, both young men who were well liked and good kids, is a little hard to take.

Had it not snowed today, I would have been visiting another former student who is back in the hospital, out of remission from leukemia. The Henzeit chart will be done for her, although in Leukemia Orange rather than the pink.
I can relate one piece of trivial good news. The above doily is an antique piece of Teneriffe Lace that I scored on ebay. I am thrilled and cannot wait for it to get here. I *will* be getting back to that piece
of Teneriffe I was working on- as soon as I finish reading that huge pile of term papers sitting on the living room floor next to my recliner.

I am still TOTALLY hating on 2011!!!!!!

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Suzanne said...

I so hear you about 2011.....this is the winter from...well you know where!!!! I shouldn't be complaining too much as I am in FL at the moment, but it is real hard to think about heading home soon. Keep hoping for an improvement in the year, after all one month does not a year make!!!!!!