Saturday, December 11, 2010


  This is a view of my bathroom, right now. Yeah!

When the plumber and contractor came on Thursday to do what should have been a relatively quick, easy (and NOT horrifically expensive) job, they discovered that the previous contractor, 25 years ago, had done something interesting.

Instead of laying down a subfloor on the side of the room that supported the shower, toilet and sink, he had simply broken up the original tile, used that as fill, and put in approximately 1 1/2 tons of CONCRETE!!!! between the new floor and the living room ceiling!!!! 

So, for the last two days they have been breaking up concrete and hauling it away. Leaving us this:

We will be without a bathroom upstairs for several more days. Now, at any time, that would be a significant issue. This weekend- with rehearsal at GMA this afternoon, my mother's birthday dinner tonight, and Candlelight tomorrow, being unable to shower is *rather* a bigger issue than a normal weekend. (There is a "bathroom", i.e. toilet, in the basement- unheated.)

So, I am packing to go to my mother's to shower for today's events and then will sleep at my aunt's tonight so I don't have to hike down to and up from the basement all night. Clothes for several events, skin care, hair stuff (dryer and curling iron), and a general goodie bag- all these need to be organized, packed, etc.

This is NOT fun!!!!


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You are showing me my future. We have a leak in the upstairs bathroom drain. I had the plumber out and he said that it was cast iron pipe that had been concreted in. My neighbor said his house was like that and the contractors I've talked to have said that was a pretty common practice when my house was built. I've decided the leak can wait until sometime after the first of the year. I'm just not up for figuring out how we are going to fix it, how much it is going to cost or the horrible mess it will cause.