Wednesday, December 1, 2010

Chatelaine German Christmas Market

Here is an idea of how this design will look when I (someday) finish stitching it.

What is it, you ask? It is the Chatelaine (Martina Weber Rosenberg) German Christmas Market design!

My supplies for this piece are ordered- it is so gorgeous!!! Martina designed it originally for a dark blue fabric to mimic the look of the market at dusk, but when I saw her preview of it on black fabric I knew (no matter how much black fabric is NOT friendly to 58yo eyes) that I had to do it that way!

I also signed up for another project with Martina- the Wisteria Garden. This one is so beautiful- and it is going to include lots of "3D" stitches for a really textural, "flowery" look. This one starts in January.

Martina has a Yahoo group that you can join HERE. There is also a Yahoo group for each of her designs during the time the design is active, which is usually a year. After that you can still buy the design, but you would miss out on chatting with other stitchers working the same design at the same time- a really interesting and nice feature.

If you like the look of these designs but not necessarily the particular topic, make sure you check out her website. Everything she does is absolutely gorgeous- the hard part is choosing which one to choose!


deanna7trees said...

i have a quilting friend that took a cruise on the rhine a few weeks ago. she brought back some chocolates with the same little houses on the wrapper. i love those little houses.

Suzanne said...

These are beautiful....I do hope you get them completed sometime. As for me I know better than to even think of finishing something so ambitious.