Wednesday, November 10, 2010

Went With The Wind!

I am so excited- my first Barbie doll in 50 years arrived today!!!

I am totally not a doll collector- the closest thing I have to a doll collection is either my Byers Choice Christmas Carol Carolers to decorate for Christmas, or the couple dolls I still have from childhood, including my beloved Lizzie (an original Suzy Walker) and my beautiful Shirley Temple doll, both of which are kept for sentimental reasons.

How I stumbled across this one I don't even remember- but when I saw it, as Carol Burnett says in the skit, "I just couldn't resist it!" I saw this skit the night it was first performed on the Carol Burnett Show. I laughed until I cried, literally. I have probably seen the clip 50 times since then, and I still laugh. It is, for me, one of the great comic moments of television.

So, with the gown recreated for Mattel by the original genius designer, Bob Mackie, and the face such a wonderful image of Carol Burnett- well, I just couldn't resist it. Tomorrow it gets set up in my classroom- the kids probably won't "get it" but I know the faculty of a certain age will enjoy it- and I will smile everytime I see it.


Lace-lovin' Librarian - Diane said...

That was one hilarious skit! Why not show the video clip and use it as part of a lesson? Then the kids might appreciate your new Barbie... and Carol Burnett!

Anonymous said...

It's all YOUR fault!
I was never into dolls,and too old for Barbie. I bought two of them today. The other is for a longtime friend who also loves Carol Burnett. I pulled the "saw it on the window" on her during a role playing game using cafes from the kitchen, and she literally fell on the floor from laughter, puzzling everyone else in the room.
"Went With the Wind" is on episode 1002, available on the "Collector's Edition" series of DVDs.

Perky said...

OMG! Of all the hysterical moments on the Carol Burnett Show, that one is my all-time favorite!!!! Thanks for making me laugh all over again!!!!