Sunday, October 17, 2010

One Last Night at Cardinal Dougherty

For 10 years I have heard "We are CD" and never was it more apparent than last night.

500+ people showed up to spend one last night at CD, to celebrate, and to show their support and friendship for our Alumni Director. After losing his job and his school in June, in July he lost his home to a devastating fire.

It was a wonderful and terrible night. Seeing so many people there was terrific. Seeing "our" students helping was also terrific, until the reality struck that they are not "our" students anymore. The cafeteria looked so good, everything was so "normal" that it was easy to forget, for a moment, that we were closed.

Many, especially the student volunteers, came to be inside the building one more time. Most came for a last chance to visit with one another in home surroundings. All who came were there to support a good man, and his wonderful wife. 

It was delightful to see old friends. It was painful to see the longing, especially in the faces of the students and closing faculty. Today I am happy that it was such a success, and heartbroken that it will be our last night at CD. 

So, dear Alma Mater, your sons and daughters hail,
We Hail Cardinal Dougherty High!


Shirley said...

Brought tears to my eyes, Teresa!! Long live the students and faculty of this school! I have missed your posts on hope to be back on a more regular schedule!!


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