Saturday, October 2, 2010

On Safari

It has been far too long that I haven't been visiting the late night Safaris. Last year I was just too depressed and exhausted all the time. I cannot do it during the summer when I am away as the aircard just cannot carry the feed fast enough. So it had been about 16 months since my last time on Safari until last weekend. It will again become a regular part of my weekends now though- just a couple times and I remember why and how much I enjoy it.

This incredible experience is offered twice a day by WildEarthTV. They film and transmit live from a camera-carrying jeep which is driven by an expert ranger/commentator. The combination of knowing you are watching as it happens combined with the information shared by the drivers is just terrific. While it is on my "bucket list", I don't know if I will ever really be able to go to Africa to see this for myself in person, but these drives are so real that it is almost like being there.

The picture at the top is of a bull elephant in his 40s. The jeep has been following him for about 30 minutes now. Earlier today on the USA-AM drive (which is the evening drive in South Africa) I took some pictures of a rhino that was being observed. I use a screenshot camera and these are stills of the animals as they walk, eat and go about their days.

Watching these incredible animals in their natural habitat is just such a wonderful experience- I hope you check it out!

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