Friday, July 2, 2010

June 2010 Personal Review

These are two of the 6 (yes, six!) digital pages I did this morning for my family heritage album.

I was going through all my blogs on my sidebar, and saw something really neat at "Katie the Scrapbook Lady". It is a monthly "roundup" and I think it is a very good idea for reflection. So, stealing her questions, with a few modifications, here's my personal wrap up for June 2010.

1) What books or magazines did I read this month? I got a lot of reading done which can be seen in my two lists on the sidebar. My "What I've Been Reading" covers the stuff I read before I came down here to the shore, and "My Summer Reading" is the list of what I've read since I got here. The "summer reading" will continue until school starts- I want to see how many books I read this summer compared to last summer which was 27.

2) What were my needlework accomplishments this month? Almost none. I didn't actually pick up a needle or a shuttle so nothing physical to show for the month. I did do quite a bit of needlework related reading, especially about crewel.

3) What were my papercrafting accomplishments this month? Again, none.

4) What were my digital accomplishments this month? I completed two 8x8 albums with Creative Memories Storybook Creator Plus. Looking forward to getting them and seeing how they turned out- especially since I rushed them.

5) What fun things did I do this month with family and/or friends? We attended Kate Fisher's wedding. She was gorgeous and we had a good time seeing friends we don't often see, as well as being with close friends. It was a really nice day.

6)What gifts did I give or receive? Well, there was the wedding present to Kate and Joe, another wedding present sent early for Maryellen and Brian. I designed mugs as gifts for some special friends for the last day at CD. As for receiving gifts, I am at the shore for 6 weeks, the gift of my amazing husband!

7) What illness or health concerns did I have? My biggest problem was that the incredible stress of the closing of Dougherty resulted in a flare in my fibromyalgia that was worse than anything since I developed this %^&* disease!! I also did not find the time for some really necessary dental work.

8) What were my accomplishments this month? I think that I handled myself better than I expected to, and was able to be strong and positive for the kids at CD as we went through the trauma of the actual school closing together.

9) What were my disappointments this month? My biggest disappointment was that there was no understanding of our pain from those who were closing our school.

10) Anything else noteworthy this month? Yes, I am very blessed that I will be going to Little Flower for next year. I am blessed to have a job, I am blessed that the school is not too far, I am blessed that the administrators I met there seem like they will be good to work for, I am blessed to be going to a school with strong spirit, and I am blessed that several of the teachers from CD who I respect and consider friends will be at Little Flower with me.

So, that's my review of the month of June 2010.

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