Monday, July 5, 2010

It's hard to believe how fast the summer is going- 4th of July is already over!

I used part of the holiday to make some cards for Operation Write Home. I had company (my mother and aunt) and we watched the delightful town parade here. There were 4th of July festivities all day- games on the beach (I almost got hit during the egg toss- THAT would have been yucky in the 95+ degree heat!), a DJ in the afternoon and a band at the town pavilion at night. I went swimming for about an hour late in the afternoon- THAT was the best part of my day! LOTS of fireworks- we can see several towns from here. DH and I finished the day by watching an interesting show on PBS: "Rebels and Redcoats- How Britain lost America; The American Revolution from the British Perspective". A good day!

Since the last time I posted, I actually picked up a needle!! I only got about 50 stitches done before the phone rang, but it was really nice to be back to stitching! DH is a completely and totally crazy person today and just left to play golf (it is SOOOO too hot for golf!!!) so I am looking forward to doing some stitching this afternoon and evening. I started working first on the Sekas Dragonflies piece that is really close to finished- once I get it done I can start on one of the several new things I brought down with me. Pictures soon I hope!

I'm reading a really good book, "The Few", by Alex Kershaw. It is the story of the Americans who flew for the RAF during the Battle of Britain. I know from the introduction that only one of them will survive the war, so I am prepared for it to be quite sad, but it is always interesting to me to read true stories about my Father's generation.

So, that not only sums up the last few days, but most of my plans for the rest of the week- reading, stitching, TV, some more work on my Heritage digital scrapbook, and I hope, a visit to my Aunt on Long Beach Island. Yeah, it's a tough life, I know. Oh, and did I mention sleep????

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