Friday, July 9, 2010

Hey dude- it was like, a totally excellent day!!!

What a wonderful day!!!!

Pictured above are (right to left) my niece, my cousin's daughter and another cousin's grand-daughter. Behind them is the beach and ocean of Long Beach Island.

My brother is here at the Jersey shore, visiting from Chicago for a week, and I am enjoying seeing them SOOO much- it has been almost a year. The kids have grown so much and I love talking to them and seeing how they have matured and changed.

This morning my brother called (he is staying nearby) and said they were going over the LBI and visit our aunt and any cousins who happened to be around- did I want to go with them? Heck, YES!!!!

My aunt celebrated her 90th birthday in February and is still just amazing. Her home is a block from the ocean and there are always people in and out in the summer- it is like a private beach club for our immense family. My cousins are all really terrific fun and such good company to be with and so welcoming and inclusive whenever anyone shows up.

So, I got to visit with my aunt, go to the beach with multiple cousins and their families, swim in wonderful 78 degree ocean water; it was truly an awe-and-then-some day!!!!

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Bridgett said...

Oh awesome! Love that!! What a fun time!!