Thursday, February 11, 2010

Hey Maw, looks like the wagon is buried until spring!

I guess that's what comes of watching (so far) 20 hours of Centennial, the 1978 miniseries based on James Michener's book about the settlement of Colorado.

I've been reading and watching the news and reading on Facebook and I think I am getting annoyed. No, I KNOW I am getting annoyed!!

What is WRONG with people??? Who are the lunatics/greedy bastards that think that business is SOOOO important that THEIR businesses must be open no matter what the weather?

I got an email last evening, while the blizzard was raging, when the white-out outside our house was so bad that you could not see across the street. The email? From ACMoore, the craft store- encouraging people to shop today!!! The city is officially shut down, all non-essential workers have been told to STAY HOME, but hey- getting some extra yarn or some scrapbook supplies is definitely necessary- NOT!!!! I guess the management of ACMoore doesn't care if their employees take their life in their hands trying to get to work as long as their stores are open.

Read about a Panera Bread shop that is open- even though they have no power!!! Does that strike anyone besides me as ludicrous?

This causes such a ripple effect. Public transit workers must risk to get to work and drive through dangerous areas because idiot employers insist their employees must get to work. Police, fire and paramedics are stressed because they must deal with the results of those on the roads- and the results are often tragic. Those brave souls who are trying to clean our roads are hampered in their efforts by people already ON the roads before they are ready to be used.

Are there people who should try to get to work? Certainly! Hospital workers should make every effort because there are folks who have been working round the clock through this and they need relief. Power company employees should be trying to get to work- too many folks out there have no electricity and some used that electricity for heat. But the idiots on the roads, and those whose bosses are idiots and are on the road for fear of losing their jobs due to stupid and callous employers, are only making things more difficult for those who really NEED to be out there.

Personally, I am trying to find out the names of all the companies which are totally NOT essential and yet are forcing their employees to come to work today. I will NOT be buying from or dealing with those companies again. Any company which thinks its profits are more important than its workers safety is not a company that I am willing to spend my money with.

There used to be a time when things like major weather events brought people together. Now it seems it brings out the worst in some companies- and those companies should be held accountable for their greed. I don't know about anyone else, but *I* will be doing that.


Etha said...

Totally with you on that.
Could it be that the ACmoore email was not regional but more national? Not a specific sale just for your region but everywhere, even if there is no snow? Not sure how they handle that, if they have the customer's emails stored by different regions etc.
I remember the best day in NewYorkCity was when everything pretty much shut down due to snow. You could walk in the center of the streets, everything was quiet and pretty, so peaceful.
The peaceful thought left quickly after a week or so where there had been no garbage pickup and the piles of garbage sacks on the corners of the streets were a lot more prominent and smelled much worse than the pretty white stuff....

Shirley said...

Believe it or not we had some days where it looked like that outside here!!!