Sunday, January 3, 2010

2010- here we go!

It is a New Year!

Christmas was very nice and then we were off to Florida for a few days of warm weather and visiting with Auntie. We had a great time!

Now we're back home, the weather is TERRIBLE cold, and school starts back tomorrow morning. :(

I joined the 365 Project, and will attempt to take a picture every day and record the mundane and small details of life for a year. (That is, if I stick with it, if I remember every day, etc., lol!) It sounds interesting and fun. Above is a picture of our tree with the presents still all under it- we don't take it down until at least after the Epiphany. I like the idea of celebrating the 12 Days of Christmas rather than doing Christmas during Advent and then taking everything down on the 26th like I see so many people do.

I will put my picture from New Year's in Florida in my 365 album for January 1, but there will not be a picture from January 2nd- we were on the road and it was a killer day: 14 hours from Tampa to North Carolina due to horrific traffic! So, already I am down to 364, lol! January 3rd and already the year is a failure! (Just kidding!)

I'm dreading returning to school tomorrow, but hope that these last fews months will have some wonderful memories.

Here's to a 2010 that will be better than 2009, for everyone!


Anonymous said...

I did the 365 day project in glad i did now as it was the year that I spent nine months with my Dad before he died. Such great memories in that little book!

I did not do it this past year...although i "started" it...but I am doing it again this far so good!
Good luck with it...
and my thoughts are with you as you return to school.
Dancingly, denise

sue said...

You are such a fun lady....I love reading your blog because I am usually smiling as I read it. The 365 day project sounds wonderful and I will check back to see what's new a little later on. Happy New Year!!