Tuesday, December 15, 2009

No, this has not suddenly become a blog all about digital scrapbooking- it just seems that way, lol!

This is a pre-designed page from Creative Memories Storybook Creator Plus. I've been playing with the pre-designed pages and having a lot of fun. I did another page last night and even discovered that the pre-done pages are all still completely changable- wow! I might just go back and add an embellishment or two to this page to see how it looks.

This picture is of my SIL's mother. She is a beautiful woman and I really like the feeling this picture of her gives- a quiet serenity.

I really am beginning to see why so many digi-scrappers say that their hobby is addictive. It is similar to paper scrapping, but you add and subtract elements with the click of the mouse rather than paper and glue, and changing something if you don't like it is SOOO easy. The fact that I can do it all just sitting here, without digging any supplies out (or having to put anything away after!) is very appealing.

Otherwise, life continues dismal. I am unready for Christmas and unable to muster any enthusiasm for getting ready. School is grim. Stress and aggravation continue to cause my fibromyalgia to flare, and the migraines are now chronic, almost daily. Hopefully, I can get into some Christmas spirit soon. Until then, I'll just keep slogging along.

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Etha said...

What a beautiful picture! Great page, love the text on the bottom, it looks like a continuation of the beach scene!