Thursday, November 19, 2009

Digital Scrapbooking for this beginner

So, I've been spending a little time playing with my digi-scrapping. Here's a page I did the other night during my second experiment with Creative Memories' Storybook Creator Plus. This picture is from the Prom a few years ago; these two wonderful kids are getting married next year. I'm pleased with the page, but I know there is still WAY more I can do with this software.

This page uses a picture that is a real family treasure. Great Aunt Helen was a singer and actress on Broadway in the years before and after World War I and there are few pictures of her because she was rarely home. I think this picture somehow really shows that she was a confident, successful and independent woman at a time when that was unusual for women- there is just something in the way she carries herself. I also see that Great Grandmother didn't really understand, but loved her and was proud of her. Maybe I am reading a lot into an old photo, but that's what I see and I really treasure this image. One of these days I will scrap a formal portrait picture of her I have- I am guessing that it was a publicity photo and it is wonderful!

I did this page using the Digital Scrapbook Place version of My Memories Suite. I am finding this product to also be fun to use, but, like the CM software, I still need to learn more about this software as well. So far, I couldn't choose between them.

My quarterly grades are done but I am still drowning in reports, recommendations and school work. I don't have much time, or energy, to "play". One of the things I have already learned, quickly, about digi-scrapping is that, for me, it is no faster to make a page digitally than with paper and supplies. What makes a HUGE difference is that I can sit down at the computer, open the program, and make a page! I don't need to dig out tools and supplies, changing my paper choice requires only a click of the mouse, it doesn't matter if I cannot remember where I put the Glue Glider, and when I am done, I AM DONE!!! NO cleanup! Nothing to put away. I still have years worth of paper supplies to get through, and I will, lol, but I can easily see that as we downsize and especially if we move to a smaller house one of these days, digi-scrapping will be my preferred method in the future.

PS- one more thing I like. I bought a bunch of new "paper" last night. Did it with a few mouse clicks, didn't have to go to a store and carry a heavy bag home, and now those papers will never run out. "Ain't technology grand?"


Etha said...

What beautiful pages! I really like the bit of corner lace :)
Yes, the digi cleanup is wonderful LOL... I really love it. You can get kinda messy with your file organization on the computer though!

Suzanne said...

Two very nicely done pages. I love digiscrapbooking for the neatness of it, but there is so much to learn.

Rebecca said...

These pages are beautiful. I especially love the one of your great-grandmother and great-aunt -- what a great picture -- and want to hear more!

Shirley said...

Your pages are wonderful. The youg man and his date picture is just beautiful. Your picture of your GGM and GA are equally as pretty and I would think the same of reading their thoughts.