Thursday, August 20, 2009

Special tatting addendum

I had to add this PS to my post. Look what arrived in the mail today!!!

I found this on ebay and was totally lucky to be the only bidder. It is a BEAUTIFUL shuttle, in just the size I like (small- 2 1/4 inches) and sterling silver! I can wear it as a pendent on a chain as it has a jewelry loop, but it is a real shuttle, and it will give me great pleasure to tat with something so lovely.

Tatting- already something I love to do- just got BETTER!


TattingChic said...

How fun! I have a pendant shuttle, too! I totally promise...I am NOT trying to "one up" you...I am JUST sharing, I have some tiny shuttle earrings, too! I always plan to wear them to a lace day event and then I forget, LOL! I got the tiny shuttle charms at a lace day thing and then added the earring wires from a bead store. They're sort of like a set, but not really (the earrings and pendant).
Enjoy your tatting shuttle pendant! I hope you remember to wear yours more than I do mine. Mine is all tarnished now, LOL!

Shirley said...

What a find. I am afraid mine would end up on the necklace all the time. Hee hee

Denise said...

This is beautiful! Makes me "almost" wish I tatted (is that the right way to say it?). Enjoy your new is beautiful
Dancingly, Denise

Etha said...

oh wow she's a beauty!! love that fierce pick!!