Thursday, August 13, 2009

Busy, Busy!

My schedule is crazy!

Today: MRI
Tonight: Quizo with some of my favorite former students
Tomorrow: Eye doctor
Saturday: All day crop with my CTMH rep
Sunday: dinner with the Aunties
Monday: dentist
Tuesday: take Mom to doctor in the AM; orthopaedic doctor in the PM
Wednesday: pack for long trip
Thursday: leave for multi-day drive (with lots of great stops!) with Auntie back to Florida

There is SOOO much I still HAVE to do around here, and SOOO much I will not get done.

Oh, well.


Etha said...

aww man, that is too busy! makes my head spin just reading it. I especially don't like all those doc appointments in there, not nice :( have a good trip!!

Shirley said...

How much you want to bet on the not getting done? Hee hee