Thursday, July 2, 2009

Today's Daily Medical Report ;)

The trip to the retinal specialist for Mom was all good news.

I now have a complete front tooth again, although it is temporary until the crown next month.

At least today's medical report is better than yesterday's!

DH and DS will have to do most of the actual packing for the trip to the shore. The foot is feeling better already from the cast, but *I* get very tired, very easily, dragging this thing around and using the crutc
hes. So, I am making careful and thorough lists so all they will have to do is bring the stuff to me while I sit in the recliner and then I can direct how it is packed. There is still more list making to do, but I am in good shape for a (hopefully) quick and efficient pack marathon on Saturday.

As for MY stuff for the shore.....

This is as far as I have gotten on Aury's specialty stitch sampler SAL. What you see is mostly week 2 with a little of week 1 done in the corner. Everyone else is on week 10- who knew Mom was going to end up in the hospital the day after the group started? (Or that life in general from then til the end of school would become total insanity?) This will be the only piece of needlework I take to the shore- although there will be a bag all packed with the Beatrix Potter Quaker Sampler ready (for DH or DS to bring down to me) if I do get caught up on Aury's project.

And, what about papercrafting?

I can only take as much stuff as the car can hold, and that has to include clothes, linens, kitchen stuff, etc as well as the more important crafting supplies. ;) If you check my sidebar you'll see a link for the Cards for Heroes 25 Cards for Heroes challenge. Since I am trying to economize on space, I'm taking my watercolor crayons, and about 30-40 prestamped images, all images that would work for CFH card fronts. I hope to come home with enough good finished images to put together a bunch of cards to send to CFH.

How about you??? Could you make 25 cards this summer to send to our troops overseas? Check out CFH and think about helping out with this terrific program.

One quilt top to work on if I get "stitched out" on the sampler, a bunch of books to read and that's about it. Yeah, who is believing that? I know that at the last minute I'll throw in some tatting stuff, maybe some Teneriffe lace supplies, more books, and who knows what else? Oops- see, I already thought of something I forgot to list here- AND have to add to the packing list- my Spanish books!

Well, I've had my feet (yes, cast and all) propped up on the desk long enough- time to do a little while I can. Off to make lists and check things out.

For those celebrating tomorrow, Happy 3rd of July!

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Sande said...

Seems like your having a wonderful time at the shore. I live in Cape I know how much everybody anticipates their arrival to the beach.

I just discovered the Cards for Troops...they are my summer project. I made ten I a getting ready to leave for the Creating Keepsakes Convention and they are collecting them there. What a wonderful thing to do for our young men and women who put their lives in harms way.

Have a fantastic summer at the shore...where ever that brings you.