Monday, July 27, 2009

Back to the shore for the last week :(

I'm back from the rapid fire trip to Tampa and back. It was long, VERY long, but lots of fun with Auntie. Then came the weekend with DH and DS, and now, finally, things are quiet around here.

I'll be moving home on Saturday for a 3 week marathon of doctor's appointments, and work on the house. I'm looking forward to the results of the house work, but not what it will take to get it all done.

This month at the shore has flown by. I've gotten no where close to done what I wanted to do, but I've had a pretty good rest.

The picture above is one of the things that didn't get as far as I wanted- Aury's sampler. The main part of this picture shows parts 5 & 6, which have driven me CRAZY! It is totally NOT the fault of the chart, and the stitches are not complicated, but I just made mistake after mistake and had to frog so many times that I finally decided to "adjust" for my many errors. These include using the wrong colors, miscounting, and other similar "duhs". I am almost finished part 6 but got so disgusted with myself the other night that I decided to put it aside for a few days. My friend is coming to visit tomorrow for a couple days of crafty fun, so I hope to get past the bad vibes and make some progress.

I got a little tat
ting done in the airport last week, but none on the plane, so there's not a lot of progress to show for the bookmark. I did take a little time to play with the Pearl Crown Rayon and really liked it. It is a little slippery but the results are wonderful. The little butterfly is my first motif for the 25 motif challenge that I am going to join tonight. (There is a link for the challenge on my sidebar under Tatting Blogs.) The picture is terrible- the part that looks olive green is actually light blue- but I had to choose between clarity and color, so..... Hopefully tomorrow in sunlight I can get a better picture.

I'll do a full book review later (after I finish) but I started Susan Higginbotham's "The Traitor's Wife" yesterday and I am LOVING it!!! This is her first novel and it is interesting and engaging- she really is a terrific writer. I will be heading to bed early tonight- WITH the book!

Now back to watching Jamie Moyer and the Phillies- they have been SUCH a delight to watch this season. (Of course I've been listening while I'm typing!)

GO, Phillies!!!!

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Shirley said...

Love your tatting, hope your foot is all well, and that all of your doctor appointments are good news.